What is Domatic, and who is it for?

Domatic is a system of hardware components that builders can easily and affordably install into a home, turning a traditional home into a complete connected home. Residents can move in knowing it is ready to be activated with no installation necessary.

What smart home technology will Domatic support?

Our vision is to connect anything that can sense, control, or illuminate, to the network. For example, smart locks, smart thermostats and HVAC controls, connected sensors, energy monitoring devices, and smart lighting.

Residents can choose to connect their Domatic home to any of the popular “Smart Home” systems, such as Apple’s HomeKit or Amazon’s Alexa.

How do I make a Domatic home?

Just install the Domatic controller and Domatic-ready components in place of traditional components. The installation is simple to validate and hand over to the resident.

How much will Domatic cost?

Domatic costs less than $1/SqFt over traditional electrical hardware. However, you save greatly on installation complexity and costs, so it’s a significant net savings.

When is Domatic available and where?

Domatic is scheduled for installation with select partners in spring 2020. Get started here.