Our vision is to connect anything that that senses, controls, or illuminates to the Domatic network. This includes smart locks, smart thermostats, HVAC controls, sensors, smart lighting, and energy monitoring devices.

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Domatic Hub

Domatic Hub

Domatic Hub

The Domatic Hub is the heart of the Domatic smart home. Using standard Romex cabling for power and data (also known as a powerline network), the Hub monitors and controls all connected Domatic devices.

The Domatic Hub has 4G/LTE radio over the home’s powerline network for communication to the Domatic Service. The Domatic Hub can also connect to the home’s WiFI network to integrate with popular voice-control devices or Internet cloud services for remote monitoring and control.

The Hub’s LCD screen displays system as well as application status information. It also functions as a secure mechanism to provision the home by way of a dynamic QR code on the display. This allows an occupant of the home to securely demonstrate ownership of the home and begin the provisioning process.


  • Control center for the Domatic smart home

  • Ties the home’s networks together along with the Domatic Service for remote control of your home devices, using modern security protocols

  • 4G/LTE radio

  • Standard size for easy installation into a double-gang wall box

  • Installed on the home’s Romex wiring to create a powerline network for all connected Domatic devices

  • Soft-glow LCD touch-screen

  • Flexible architecture to easily support future applications and devices

  • Works with popular voice control systems, such as Amazon AlexaTM, Google HomeTM, or Apple’s SiriTM, to provide voice activation for connected Domatic components and appliances

Domatic Dimmer Switch

The Domatic Dimmer Switch allows customizable multi-pole and multi-way control of Domatic smart home lighting through its powerline connection to the Domatic home network.

Dimming is controlled by a single up/down momentary contact Decora form-factor switch on the front panel. A single tap, up or down, turns the light on or off. Dim level is set by holding the switch up or down.

The switch can be installed in a standard 3-way wiring configuration. In this case, the switch connected to the light automatically acts as the “master”, and the other switches are remotes. Remote control can also be implemented virtually by configuration through the Domatic Hub. Using the Domatic Hub to control remote switches allows you to avoid installing a traveller system (otherwise known as pulling a “runner” wire), which can greatly simplify wiring.


  • Domatic-enabled ― installation uses standard home electrical cabling to connect to the Domatic home network

  • Decora-style dimmer light switch

  • Dimmable control with momentary contact rocker

  • Supports lights using a variety of dimmable LED bulbs or compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)

  • Multi-pole and multi-way control

  • Dimming level indicator

  • Single-tap rocker for on/off switching; hold-down for dim adjustment

  • Slim, compact housing

Domatic Dimmer Switch

Domatic Dimmer Switch

Domatic Controllable Receptacle

Domatic Controllable Receptacle

Domatic Controllable Receptacle

The Domatic Controllable Receptacle provides a stylish and clean look to the home. Enabled for powerline connection to the Domatic home network, these receptacles provide switchable power control and power consumption monitoring. The standard size and configuration allow for easy installation using familiar electrical installation techniques.

The Domatic Controllable Receptacle can be installed like a normal outlet in a multi-gang configuration. Either one or two outlets can be switchable, depending on the variant selected.

  • Domatic-enabled ― installation uses standard home electrical cabling to connect to the Domatic home network

  • Decora-style duplex receptacle

  • Switchable power control for greater power efficiency

  • Monitors power consumption and usage patterns of connected appliances

  • Standard, NEMA-compliant straight-blade plugs with grounding

  • Heavy-duty construction for durable usage

  • Tamper-resistant for protection against improper usage and electric shock

  • Available in standard, GFCI, or USB charging variants

Domatic Smoke/CO2 Detector Adaptor

The Domatic Smoke Detector Adapter allows any AC voltage smoke detector to connect to the Domatic powerline home network for monitoring. A lighted ring around the adapter perimeter provides a clear visual cue in addition to the audio alarm of the smoke detector.

The adapter communicates with the Domatic network over the AC power lines, and sends an alert to the monitoring service when an alarm is detected. Alerts can also be sent over the Internet to emergency responders and loved ones.

  • Domatic-enabled ― installation uses standard home electrical cabling to connect to the Domatic home network

  • Adapts regular, AC powered smoke detectors to the Domatic home network

  • LED ring provides visual alerts during alarm indications:

    • Off - no alarm

    • Red/Yellow/Blue - alarm state and history

  • Customize alerts to emergency responders or specified contact list

Domatic Smoke Detector Adaptor

Domatic Smoke Detector Adaptor


Domatic Moisture Sensor 

The Domatic Moisture Sensor monitors moisture levels to ensure that a small leak does not become a large repair issue. Prevent thousands of dollars of water damage by proactively detecting leaks. Perfect for monitoring during vacations or for installation into a second home or rental properties.

Instant and configurable alerts notify you of excess moisture levels. Connection through the powerline network to the Domatic Hub allows you to send alerts to the Domatic phone app or to configured contact lists.

  • Domatic-enabled ― installation uses standard home electrical cabling to connect to the Domatic home network

  • Measures moisture level at the point of contact of the two-prong sensor

  • A permanent component installed by builder at high-risk flood locations (baseboard, water heater, and near plumbing in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas)

  • Waterproof, durable construction

  • Customize alerts to specified contact list

Domatic Room Sensor

The Domatic Room Sensors perceive the status of your Domatic smart home and report information through the powerline network back to the Domatic Hub. These multi-purpose sensors monitor room occupancy and environmental conditions.

Each unit contains multiple sensors to report and monitor light levels, temperature, humidity, noise levels, and carbon dioxide. The Domatic Hub can use information relayed through the sensors to maintain the desired environment based on your specific needs and usage patterns. Sensor data can be tracked and monitored remotely over the Internet for use cases such as home management during vacations or elder care management.


  • Domatic-enabled ― installation uses standard home electrical cabling to connect to the Domatic home network

  • Contains various sensors in one package to monitor:

    • Occupancy (through passive infrared scanning)

    • Ambient temperature, humidity, light, and noise levels

    • Carbon dioxide levels

  • Efficient ceiling mounting for wide-ranging sensing of the entire room

  • Adjust sensitivity of each sensor component remotely through the Domatic Service

  • Customizable room monitoring scenarios and alerts

  • Supports automatic adjustment of environment based on usage patterns gathered from sensor data

Domatic Room Sensor

Domatic Room Sensor